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  • ​How to recruit faster and more effectively than your competitors, and position your business as the first choice employer for Life Sciences talent.
  • S​TEP 5 outlines why the 'no-cure no fee' agency model is costing you a lot more than you think.
Panda International has moved up to Gold supplier...
Randstad Sourceright works at Philips with different levels of suppliers. Panda International has moved up to Gold supplier within 1.5 years, which is one level below the highest level.
When I see internally that our Diamond suppliers cannot fill a position, I often see that Panda is the supplier who still knows how to fill in the job, and it is nice to know that we can trust and build on that.
The contact with Panda, in general, is very pleasant and they follow up regularly.
Jaap Westra, Sourcing expert

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Attracting & retaining the top 1% of Life Sciences talent can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take which makes them take far longer than they need to. 
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About the guide

The life science sector is about to undergo massive change. In the next 35 years the population will grow by approximately 2.4 billion, half of that – 1.2 billion – will be in the 60+ demographic. This globally ageing and growing population will result in a similarly growing life sciences market, but with relatively fewer young professionals to fill the roles...
Combine this with changes in customer behaviour, pressures from emerging markets, lower profit margins, tougher regulations, and new technologies bringing in ever more competition, and it’s clear that the challenges for life science organisations have never been greater.

Employees are a business’s most valuable asset. So, attracting top talent should be every life science company’s number one priority. But with more work and fewer people to do it, the hunt for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology talent is extremely competitive.

Thankfully there are ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. We've developed a 13-step guide that will make your organisation consistently identify, attract and retain the very best life science talent. This guide is relevant for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and highly regulated food companies.

We guarantee that if you implement these 13 steps you will be ready for the skill shortage the life science sector faces.

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